WinExt 11.0

WinExt is a sort of application launcher for Windows computers

WinExt is a sort of application launcher for Windows computers. It can be said that this application has been influenced by Mac OS X's design. It consists of a gray bar that sits at the top of your screen and allows you to launch applications therefrom. Just like Mac's, this bar will open menus whenever you move your mouse over the elements. By default, you have a few menus that open the most common applications on your system, like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and whatever other default applications you have installed. It also shows shortcuts to My Documents, My Computer, and the Desktop. The shortcut to go to the desktop is also there. You can add your own menus with any application that you want by using the Menu Designer. You can either create menus or simply add shortcuts to the bar. WinExt 1.03 is very minimalist in design. It only takes a couple dozen pixels at the top of your screen and you will soon forget it is even there. On the right of the application, there will be displayed random statistics about your system, like uptime, memory and processor usage, free space, date and time, etc.

José Fernández
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  • The bar looks great and and is almost unnoticeable
  • You can create custom menus


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